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Aurora teleQ consists of several communication channels and functions, all combined in a single interface. Aurora teleQ is suitable for both small and large organisations. The system is scalable and adaptable and we tailor the solution to the client’s needs and resources. Thanks to our APIs, Aurora teleQ can be easily integrated with other digital health applications and communication systems to further increase the utility of the tool.

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Bringing patients and healthcare closer together

Aurora Innovation is committed to improving access to care and creating a well-functioning work environment for healthcare professionals.

With Aurora teleQ, the digital patient contact management platform, we contribute to better customer service, a better experience for people in need of care and a smoother workflow for healthcare professionals.

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Use Case:

Hospital-wide improvement of telephone accessibility in the VUmc in Amsterdam

Data and figures by programme participation of the VUmc’s in Holland.

The VUmc is an academic hospital in Amsterdam, affiliated to the Free University of Amsterdam. The hospital has more than 8000 employees and 733 beds.

Telephone accessibility urgently needed to be improved

The standard was to answer the phone within two minutes. In 2016, departments that met this standard dropped to 58.2%. This resulted in lower patient and staff satisfaction.

The goal was to improve telephone accessibility in all outpatient departments. This was done to improve the health mission statement: “Patients are welcome and we promise to be available“.

Research on a call-back system showed that 63.1% of customers prefer to be called back when there is a queue on the phone. Aurora teleQ is an innovative phone system that offers this possibility. Therefore, teleQ could be a solution to improve the telephone system.

Method of analysis in the VUmc

To measure the impact of the solution and thus patient and staff satisfaction, interviews were conducted in three departments. Patients were approached personally, resulting in 100 interviews.

Staff who worked at the hospital for more than one month and made at least 50 phone calls were contacted with a questionnaire. This resulted in 88 responses.

A pilot project took place in three departments of the hospital: gastrointestinal & liver diseases, internal medicine and surgery. The staff of these departments were informed about the teleQ functionality. Shortly afterwards, the staff of all outpatient departments were willing to participate in the programme, as telephone accessibility was a frequent problem.


1. Reduction of waiting time on the phone

Improvement in no-show rate by 20%.

Reduction of waiting time on the phone by an average of 30 seconds (from 2:49 to 2:19 minutes) per call,
with thousands of daily calls!

2. Employees experience

3. Patient experience


of the patients are called back within 10 minutes


of patients remain on hold


see the option "to call back later" as an added value


would like to be called back later

4. Survey of staff and patients

“Aurora teleQ is an improvement”

100 Patients

88 Employees

5. Conclusion

The quality of healthcare at the VUmc has been improved by the introduction of teleQ. patients and employees are more satisfied and the efficiency of the whole hospital has increased. VUmc is still profiting from the benefits of teleQ, so think about a call back system too. Good luck!

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