• Digital consulting for medical practices

Bringing healthcare and patients closer together

  • Advice on digital equipment for the practice

Which applications and systems optimally support the processes in the surgery and the patient flow? Which integrations are important, which precautions should be taken?

We are happy to compare your preferred applications and systems and examine them in a catalogue of criteria according to modern aspects of IT and current security regulations. This saves you time and possible surprises later on. Make future-proof decisions.

Digital patient records

Plan and set up the doctor's office in the IT equipment. State-of-the-art patient management via telephone (automated patient communication for prescriptions, sick notes, video consultations, SMS, appointment optimization and automatic call-back planning). Office automation and templates in the practice design. So that your processes function smoothly and securely.

Office equipment

Designing your unique appearance as a doctor's office across the entire process of patient communication. From the office sign to the websites including search engine optimization to automated services, we create a uniform appearance with all office templates and patient notifications. So that you and your patients are immediately in the picture.

Corporate Clinical Design

  • Websites and service integrations

More uniqueness for your surgery through professional web design and targeted use of media

Easy orientation and a pleasant, unique feel: that is WebDesign by PenTribe. Technically unique results. A well-groomed and professional appearance on the web leads to more trust and more satisfied patients. Do you offer additional services online? We integrate these into the websites and ensure easy comprehensibility and transparency for the users.

Web presence

Image management for any media: website, display screens in the practice, flyers and brochures. We bring your practice images into order for more reuse and thus support your corporate design.

Image management

Video clips for the website, for landing pages or for the screens within the practice are the solution of the hour to present a lot of information and complex topics in a simple and understandable way. We create the storyboard for your topics and produce the informative and, if desired, also entertaining video clip. Video works as a real image as well as an animation clip.

Video clips


For the brave little visitors to the doctor’s office or as a memento

A sweet pick-me-up for the way back.


Bringing home a little friend, for the very brave.

Plush toys

Even small doctors make great progress!


  • Screen services

Information, news and entertaining content incl. patient call up system

Information and info graphics, articles and pictures/videos, news and offers in freely selectable arrangements on your display screen: Infotainment quickly brings information in the corporate design to visitors of the doctor's office.
With QR codes, this information can also be accessed in mobile format if desired.


Some patients get impatient or nervous in the waiting room. Use your own non-stop TV to entertain, inform, engage and distract them.

Non-Stop TV

Indicate on the screen the patient names in clearly legible letters.
Infotainment can continue running in the background.

Patient call systems