• Electronic Medical Communication

Simple, safe, fast and efficient

Electronic sickness certificate

Sick leave certificates can be retrieved electronically, conveniently and easily, regardless of time and place. It reduces the flood of paper and provides daily updated sick leave data.

You can find more details on the ÖGK website.

Aurora teleQ consists of several functions that focus on a secure, seamless communication channel between patient and healthcare provider.


With the electronic prescription, health insurance prescriptions are no longer issued on paper, but digitally. They are now easily redeemed at the pharmacy using the e-card. This means that everything is in one place. Paper receipts will no longer get lost or be illegible and it protects them from being read by unauthorised people. In addition, one can have an overview of all open prescriptions: in the apps and on the websites of BVAEB, ÖGK, SVS and MeineSV.

With Aurora teleQ it is possible to request prescriptions quickly and efficiently.

Video consultation

A digital doctor’s visit may sound a bit strange, but it can be very helpful. Not every patient manages to come to the doctor’s office, there can be several reasons for this: old Age, impaired health/illnesses, children or caring for family members, etc. Nevertheless, these patients need medical advice. Thus, the video consultation can make things easier, not only for the patient, but also for the doctors, especially in the current Corona climate, thus minimising the risk of infection.

With Aurora, health workers can easily switch from a phone call to a video call in a single appointment, in a single system. It makes the conversation easier for both healthcare professionals and patients, and saves valuable time for everyone involved.