Social Media

Increasing corporate and brand attention

From presentation to interaction on multimedia online channels

Publicity and online presence

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform, each offers unique opportunities to interact with users. They all have one common advantage over traditional marketing, they build long-term relationships with your target audience and reach a very wide range of people.

Whichever channel you choose, marketing on these platforms is vastly different from more traditional forms. We help you build your follower base and keep them interested in your content.

Furthermore, it depends on which marketing goals you are pursuing, which target group you want to address and which content you want to publish.

Social media demands commitment

We help you choose the right channels for your business and define content guidelines for them in terms of wording, post length, etc. so that your social media channels really appeal to your target audience.

Take advantage of the high reach of social media and bring information about current offers, updates and teasers about future developments, etc. to an international user base or take advantage of GPS tracking and send your ads specifically to your target area.

Social Media Academy

Social media may sound simple, but some users lack manners or consideration. Likewise, trends are seemingly unpredictable and the desires of target groups inconclusive.

The PenTribe Social Media Academy enriches basic knowledge in dealing with well-known platforms and the know-how to be on par with the ever-evolving online sphere.

Social Media

Social media has a marketing potential that is used too little and not properly. Regular posting on Facebook & Co. is not enough to build an active community. Content and contact must be carefully cultivated because the online landscape changes just as quickly as the target groups decide to join the competition.

Active and skilful handling are crucial. PenTribe International recommends an initial consultation, which potential and results are possible!

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