PenTribe International GmbH
Strategy and Architecture
Softwarepark 37
4232 Hagenberg, Austria

Phone: +43 (0)720 127255

Company register number: FN 380168x
Court of jurisdiction: Landesgericht Linz
Value added tax identification number (UID) : ATU67280514

PenTribe International GmbH is a member of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Division Information+Consulting Management Consultancy and Information Technology (professional group).

Business purpose:
Trade licence:
Management consultancy including business organisation

Horst Baumgartner, born 26.9.1965.

Basic direction of the printed work
Information about the offers and activities of PenTribe International GmbH including the contents offered in the webshops.

Privacy policy
PenTribe International GmbH does not store any data of its customers except for those that are required by law to prove the business activity (delivery and payment transactions of PenTribe International GmbH with customers including those for the contractual transactions of commissioned webshops). After expiry of the statutory period at the company headquarters (Austria), this data is also destroyed.

Customer data used for reference or advertising purposes will only be stored after the customer has been informed in writing and has given their written consent and may be revoked by the customer at any time and deletion requested in writing.
All customer data is subject to confidentiality. PenTribe International GmbH receives customer and sales data specific to the business case from the processing of sales at the commissioned web shops. With the exception of the receipt of data from the web shops, PenTribe International GmbH does not maintain any data traffic with customer data as content.
Exceptions to this are requests from Austrian authorities, where data must be transmitted to the authorities in Austria due to the legal situation in Austria.
In order to improve our services and our quality, we statistically record and store the number of visits to our website sections and the countries or regions of origin without reference to a specific customer.

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