• Call Management

Ease and efficiency on the phone

Facilitation in the management of telephone calls and increase in processing of patients

More time is freed up to give patients better and more detailed advice. This additionally increases the patient’s feeling of being perceived as important on the phone.

The advantages of the Aurora teleQ platform

Stronger dialogue in care

By automatically queuing patients, it allows more time to attend to other patients. It also increases the quality of care for the patient.

Handle all calls

If a patient’s call is not answered, they turn elsewhere. Call management picks up on every call and allows the practice to handle every patient.

Efficiently planned work

The system collects all calls and clearly prepares them to be handled at the selected time. The above information allows to prepare before the call and skip repetitive questions.

Better work environment and reduced stress


Automated scheduling achieves a reduction in workplace stress by allowing more time for preparation, documentation and task completion. Calls are handled sequentially, providing a structured approach. The phone also remains silent while other important tasks are being done, improving the working atmosphere and making work easier.

Aurora teleQ’s call management system consists of multiple communication channels and functions, united in a single interface. Aurora teleQ is suitable for both small and large organisations, the system is scalable, adaptable and the solution is customised to the client’s needs and resources. Thanks to our API, Aurora teleQ can be easily integrated with other digital health applications and communication systems to further increase the usefulness of the tool.

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