• Infotainment

  • PenTribe Infotainment

Bring all your service offerings and activities to your guests every day from a single source on all channels, from in-room TV to smartphone, to interactive touchscreen displays. Our infotainment system is scalable to fit seamlessly into your establishment. Save on staff costs and still ensure an improved guest experience.

  • Lobby system with touchscreen

Large monitor with daily updated information, easily accessible via touchscreen. Your guests can be informed about local activities, internal news and offers, as well as weather through videos, texts, pictures or external widgets. Our system is flexible and can also display your desired content.

  • Mobile guest information system

Via WLAN, a version adapted to the mobile phone can be called up so that your guests can inform themselves at any time and undisturbed. This module can only be accessed in the hotel’s internal WLAN and protects against unwanted visitors.

  • Stationary guest information system

The guest information system can be extended by stationary, smaller screens in different areas of the hotel and brings information and entertainment into every room. In the same way, it provides additional orientation in the building and an active perception of what your hotel has to offer!

  • Room TV

The content of the infotainment system is streamed continuously to the room TVs. The content can be easily edited by the staff with pictures, videos and text and activated for streaming. This allows new content to be streamed daily at any time of day, keeping guests up to date.

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