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New insights into online marketing strategies and online sales potential with PenTribe.

Marketing campaigns with purpose and direction

Phase I: Determine the informative content of the campaign

  • Which customer needs do you want to address with your customer promise (USPs)?
  • Which target groups do you want to address? Which target groups do your competitors address and how do they do so?
  • What opportunities do you offer for interaction for people interested in your product?
  • What products or services does your service consist of?
  • How can I order your service and how do I get assistance in using your services (including support)?
  • What tone to choose in content creation about your performance?
  • Which corporate design must be adhered to? Is there a corporate wording? What makes your service distinguishable from competitors?
  • What expectations do you have of the marketing impact of the new content?
  • Which sales increase or which sales targets (quantities, interactions, leads, new customers, …) do you expect in certain time periods?

Phase II: Defining the structure of the contents and the information modules

  • Which content modules are presented on which information channels?
  • Which social media are used, which other information platforms?
  • Which content structure is relevant for which media (information channels) and points in time?
  • Write a cross-media editorial plan for the content.
  • Optimisation of the terms and the choice of words according to the selected target groups and the information channels.

Phase III:

  • Writing the content modules (content pages) for optimal targeting of the target groups and high-quality content.

Phase IV:

  • Instrumentation of online key performance indicator measurement, publication (online posting) of the written content and monitoring of the impact achieved.
  • Further adaptation of the content according to observations from search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Informative and easy-to-read pages like to be displayed by the internet’s search engines especially near the top of the search results list (SERP results). How relevant a web page is for the result of a search query is determined by the title, the description, the structure of the headings (chapters) and the texts themselves. Bullet points, links with the anchor texts, image captions and alt texts also influence the relevance of your website for the search engines.

Social Media Advertising

Whichever channel you choose, marketing on these platforms is vastly different from more traditional forms. We help you build your follower base. It also depends on what your marketing goals are, what audience you want to target and what content you want to publish.

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