The IT company Pentribe International from Hagenberg presented its City Efficiency App at the World Climate Summit in Madrid. It is intended to promote the use of green services.

PenTribe International is a think tank company for sustainable IT solutions in Hagenberg. PenTribe’s new sustainable smart city app for city residents and tourists, generated such enormous international interest that PenTribe will present the City Efficiency App to the public at the United Nations World Climate Summit in Madrid (COP 25) on 11 December 2019. But the attention is already coming not only from Europe. Large cities and major corporations have already expressed their interest in collaborating on this idea from Hagenberg. There is therefore no shortage of expansion plans.

Green ranking algorithm for residents and tourists

The new app offers an overview of all green services in the city. The app shows the city’s digital services for public transport, e-mobility, mobility sharing, ticket services and city games. Here, special emphasis is placed on digitally efficient and user-friendly offers with a green ranking factor. This is to ensure that the green-effective offers are used more often.

The ranking is influenced by popularity on the internet and thus personal preferences are optimised. This ensures that green-looking digital helpers for daily life are very likely to be used more often. The presentation in the ranking is constantly being optimised through crowd influence and personal preferences.

“We bring residents and tourists together with cities and municipalities with completely new technology when it comes to green efficiency in everyday life,” says Dipl.-Ing. Horst Baumgartner, Managing Director of PenTribe International. “It is a fundamentally new approach with the aim of strengthening sustainable behaviour of the individual as well as the crowd. About two thirds of the world’s population already live in urban areas, so they are particularly important for sustainability.

PenTribe International is a think tank company for sustainable IT solutions in Hagenberg. Founded in 2012, the company has already been active on several continents. The company develops on the basis of the latest technologies and thus goes one step further in the creation of innovative solutions. The range of services already extends from public space to aviation.