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There are multiple questions e-car drivers regularly ask themselves, we're here to answer these and provide valuable solutions:

Do I need a loading station on the way? where can i find one?

Routeplanning is necessary if you wanna get anywhere safely and in time with an e-car. This needs to account for a number of factors such as the type of vehicle, speed, road topography, weather conditions, loading weight, and so on in order to accurately determine whether and when you have to reload.

All4Charging provides:

✓ A central register covering all necessary information about loading stations across providers
✓ Pricelistings with different card providers
✓ Personalisation: filtering options for vehicle and power plug types
✓ Personalisation: filtering options for preferred providers
✓ Advanced route planning taking all necessary data and variables into account
✓ Information about station condition and known defects

How fast can I drive in order to reach the next station?

The power consumption of e-cars works very different from the way regular cars use fuel. Environmental influences such as slopes and wet roads can have big impacts, rain in particular increases the usage by around 20%. Likewise speed and even heating and air conditioning are also factors to be accounted for.

All4Charging provides:

✓ Personalisation: input options for desired driving speeds ahead of time, which then leads to a more accurate range calculation
✓ Taking account of topographical conditions
✓ Personalisation: detection of the current power status, either manually or by interfacing directly with the vehicle
✓ Taking account of weather and road conditions with real time adjustments

How do I access the loading station? What costs are awaiting me?

Once a loading station is reached it has to be unlocked, in some cases this is done automatically, because the station is free. In most cases however you require an Account with the provider or their distribution partners. This can only be done in advance by requesting a personal ID-card or installing and setting up the respective provider's mobile app.

All4Charging provides:

✓ An overview for which IDs unlock what stations and what respective pricing models they use
✓ Preemptive cost estimations based on the used stations
✓ Integrated accounts with multiple providers, enabling payment directly wia the app
✓ Unlocking stations directly via the app

These issues are part of the problem when it comes to the spread of e-cars and eliminating them will be a big step in raising their popularity!


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