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ANBIETENPlus - Your Onlineshop: Delivering, Picking-Up outside Store or Shipping

For delivery or pick-up without personal contact (COVID-19): The "ANBIETENPlus" ONLINESHOP for selling online from your local store (payment via receipt or PayPal-Account). Thus you are closer to your customers - despite the Corona virus. May we consult you? Just ask us!

ANBIETENplus - Onlineshop.

ANBIETENplus - the Onlineshop. Picture Source: (c) anoushkatoronto / Adobe Stock

Your AnbietenPlus - Onlineshop: Genious And Regional. Why?

With this onlineshop you start small in size and affordable in cost, then you improve step by step by augmenting your offers. It is an online-showcase and you make the business with your audience in the onlineshop. Your onlineshop-setup is as little as from 69Eur (excl. VAT) and including consultancy for your first start. Good things can be so near, we just have to spread the good news of your products and that you are able to deliver.

With this onlineshop you can:

  •     offer your products of daily demands
  •     add new products any time and introduce them to your audience
  •     deliver it, ship it or have goods picked-up.

Thus you start increasing your turnover and you help those, who cannot come to your store because of the regulations caused by corona-virus. It is a clear win-win situation which can help you to adopt your business to the requirements of the current and future time.

Additional Opportunities Are Obvious

These are your opportunities you get in addition:

  • local marketing via social media. The truth is: People like it, if it is of interest and if campaigns are well made. They will learn to know that they can come to your online-shop to order during day and night. You will like that, too.
  • you select the target-areas of customers who you will inform and who should order in your shop
  • introduce new products or new creations to your customers - how they will like it! There is nothing better than that. If people like it, they will talk about your product in social media und you get additional orders almost for free. People are curious by design, you know that? Use it to win new customers and save marketing budget at the same time.

Best equipped into a new business style - online by convinience. Owing to the Corona-Crisis we want to help you to get up your onlineshop quickly (and at low cost monthly fees) for running the online-shop (by 9,90Eur p. month excl. VAT). Finally, for just 9,90Eur monthly operations fee you will have augmented your business with online sales - fighting the crisis and shaping the future.

In case you are interested we will like to help you: Call +43 660 1565585 (oder WhatsApp-Message) oder send an email to (subject: ANBIETENplus).

This special offer is only valid to companies in Austria and is limited to orders til end of April 2020. Other countries are welcome to send separate inquiries any time.