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Sporthotel Silvretta Montafon

@Barcelona: A New Way to Build Intelligent Crowds: ""

Barcelona (picture: (c)basiczto/Adobe Stock) - New Urban Experience

Finally crowd intelligence starts in the hand of every user. People at home or people on travel, they both use as a new paradigm for intelligent and sustainable crowd behaviour - while still acting individually.


Competitve Intelligence Services (PenTAI-act)

Within its PenTAI-act Market Intelligence Service, PenTribe has added modules that are focused on real-time decisions. The service is applicable globally using big data backbones and provides calculations, extensive reporting and interpretation.
Using PenTAI-act you can find:

  • market dissemination trends, market quota estimation, discovery of competitors and their marketing networks
  • predictions by presciptive analysis, supporting the questions "will your products and offers be competitive for a certain country / market?"
  • pricing evaluations.


Barcelona, MWC, 25.-28. Feb. 2019: To meet us, search for Advantage Austria (WKO), Digital Planet Hall 8.1 - B61.

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