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Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona PenTribe shows it's breaking Competitve Intelligence service.

26.2.-1.3.2018, to meet us, search for Advantage Austria (WKO), Hall 8.1 - B61.

To save money and time to market, PenTribe has worked on a market intelligence service, that is now offered for the public. The service is applicable globally to many countries and many languages, such as English, Spanish and German. Ask for further languages.

The CI-Service (CI=Competitive Intelligence) uses a 15 Petabyte backbone to investigate global markets. Using this you can find:

  • Your current visibility status of your brand and products in a certain market
  • Your market share and the market share of your competitors. Who are (will be) your competitors in a certain market? What are they selling to whom (target groups)? Why are they performing good or weak?
  • Predictions by presciptive analysis: Before you go online you can make sure that your improvements are on the right track: What should be your strategy to gain a higher market share (or to enter a new market) and what is the forecast of your success before entering the market? Will you be good enough for a certain country / market?


Barcelona, MWC, 26.2.-1.3.2018. To meet us, search for Advantage Austria (WKO), Hall 8.1 - B61.


CEOs, Market Analysts, Online-Strategists, Marketing P & VP, Sales P & VP, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager

Datum / Zeit
26.02. - 01.03.2018
00:00 - 00:00 Uhr
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