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Process Management

Excellent process design for BPR and BPI with measures for digitalisation

Dynamic development of business processes

We provide consultancy for process description and support your process development.

For successful advancements your process descriptions have to consider these points:

  • readability and ease of understanding
  • topicallity of process descriptions
  • standardised process description methods
  • long term access including previous versions
  • inplementation in different company media and work platforms

Creation of process governance

Dynamic business models demand flexibly changable business processes, which can be adjusted to the respective current market developments.

Creating changable business models first demands the introduction of a governance instance, which typically consists of the process overseer and one to three more responsible individuals.

The process governance initiates new business processes and checks existing ones for their market effectiveness. At the same time it is also responsible for ensuring compliance in all active business processes.

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