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User experience first and foremost

When creating a new app or website it is important to always keep in mind who you're designing for as different audiences have different needs. This is not only relevant for creating concepts and marketing strategies, but it should also always be an integral part of how one designs an interface.


A paramedic for example has little need for fancy animations or complex design in an app meant to assist dealing with heart attack victims, during stress situations they need to know how to access the core functionality immediately without having to think about it. The target group fundamentally shapes the way the app is designed.

Accessibility and responsive design

We strive to make our applications as accessible as possible, in order to reach a wider net and also take our part in normalising accessibility as an industry standard. Usability is a big part of interface design and it's important to keep in mind how users will ultimately interact with any given element when creating it. Once a lot of hints or labels are necessary for users to grasp the basic functionality, the game is already over. Good design aims to make such helpers unnecessary by utilizing the inate curiosity of users.


Different device sizes and input methods also have to be accounted for. Especially when creating a website or PWA, responsive desing is key to its success, as it will increase the platform's longevity an make it much user friendlier.

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