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Digital Transformation

Updating your business for the modern age

The benefits of digital transformation and adaptation

For organizations, Digital Transformation brings a whole chunk of new possibilities to modernize the business and processes and make them more efficient. These is as true for producers as it is for service providers. For planning of a digital transformation it’s not just essential to answer technological questions, but also economical ones. We will help with following Steps:

1. Do I know the goals of my business development?
Do you want to expand to new markets, new target groups, new products or new services?
Which kind of customer interaction is relevant for working with customers, which services would be beneficial for these interactions?
Which goals does your company pursue regarding the market position in relation to competitors? Also it’s relevant to know, which cost structure and income you’re aiming for.

2. In which direction is your business sector and target market going to develop?
What kind of developments are possible for your target market, are there new technologies and trends in the business sector?
Do you offer the right products and services for reaching short-, middle- and long-term goals?
Which Services have to be adjusted for making business goals reachable while also considering future developments in the business sector?

3. What goals result from considering the own and the whole sector’s goals?
Which actions must be prioritized?
Which business processes profit from digital modernization and what organizational consequences will this bring?
Which technologies are effected by these actions, what are the advantages?
Are there any official compliance requirements that need to be considered and followed?
Are you using technologies and IT solutions that will reach the end of their lifecycle?

4. What skills and know how does your company need for a successful digital transformation?
What actions need to be taken for the organization’s development?
What differences for your customers and suppliers will occur after the Transformation and how do you introduce them to those differences?
What services will you get from external providers what services and competences can you build internal?

5. Are there any budgets and expenses that need to be planned for the digitalization of products and services?
Which cost benefit ratio can you expect? Is any kind of interlocking of investments possible?

6. After all this questions have clear answers the implementation is planned strategically and tactical with help of key figures for projects and for achieved effects.

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