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Corporate identity and recognisability

Corporate design is one of the most fundamental aspects, necessary for building a reputation and successfully marketing a company.


When planning and designing a corporate design, it’s first important to understand the company and their target group. This understanding is required to be able to create a design resembling what the company stands for and therefore be believable to the public.

For a successful corporate design, it’s important that there are clear and universally implementable design rules. It’s not just the Logo, the colors you use or the fonts, everything, even layouts and the content you provide, tells your customers who you are and what they can expect.

Lift your company above the competition

Especially a lot of young companies underestimate how important it is to establish who you are early on, longevity is the name of the game, and the longer a logo is in circulation, the more likely is to be spread and in return recognised. Rebranding later on is a valid option, but it shouldn't be a necessity because of earlier neglect.


We help you find those guidelines and define design rules for your company, so customers will actually recognise it. By representing you the way you are you’ll attract the customers that stick with you.

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