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The most important steps for a successful web page

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Our content optimization services help you promote your excellent Services in a more structured and easily readable form.


To achieve this, we use simple methods and tools to build those easily understandable content from smaller components und reuse them in an editorial plan.

We create the contents for your services custom fit for your target group by answering the lead questions “what”, “who”, “why” and “when”.

This procedure leads to the Customer Journey and therefore the relevant content very early. Most of the time, the answering of these questions leads to an easily understandable structure of the contents.

Content structure SEO optimized

After the content creation, texts are reviewed by advanced algorithms to check for easily readable sentence structure. We compare the used expressions in texts to for search engines relevant and important expressions and if necessary, we change them.


For content optimization we offer a step by step procedure to get the content recognized by your audience.

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