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CIO Tasks

Review, Optimization, Planning

Supporting CIOs

Experience is expensive and so are fulltime CIOs. As an alternative, we offer independent reviews and updates of your current IT-strategy.

  • Assessment of demands according to the business-enhancement or -changes
  • Strategic models for your IT-infrastructure (3-5 years scenarios)
  • Tactical models of stepwise implementation
  • Sourcing and optimization
  • Compliance-Status

Sourcing services - Make-or-Buy decisions

Today's dynamic ICT-innovators bring new and excellent solutions that deserve to be considered to improve or change existing processes.

Even if some principles remain the same throughout time, they might need to be reviewed and benchmarked against actual requirements of the business core.

We take care of make or buy decisions for you and put all your know-how concerning critical processes and it’s related development and operational skills into consideration. We invest in knowledge gain and technical insights to implement it and share the results with your experts or provide you with expert-advice.

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