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Campaign Strategies

The right strategy will light up your engine

Marketing campaigns with goal and direction

Phase I: define informative content of the campaign

  • Which customer demands do you want to address?
  • Which target group do you want to address? Which target groups are your competitors addressing, how and which channels do they use?
  • Which channels of communication do you offer for interested parties?
  • What products and services do you offer? How can someone order those and how can they get support?
  • Which tone are you addressing your customers in? Is there a Corporate Design to be taken into consideration? How about the Wording?
  • What makes your services differentiable from those of your competitors?
  • What are your expectations regarding the marketing effects of the contents?
  • Do you expect and increase in sales or any other sales targets (Quantities, Interactions, Leads, new customers, …) in a specific Timeframe?

Phase II: Define the content’s structure and information bits.

  • Which content modules are presented on which channels?
  • Which Social Media platforms and which others are used?
  • Which contents are relevant to which media and at what time?
  • Once all those questions are answered, we create a cross-media plan for all the contents and optimize your wording according to your target group and the used channels.

Phase III:

  • Then our experts create professional media contents fit for reaching your audience.

Phase IV:

  • The publication of the contents is not the end. By checking online key figures we’ll be able to determine how successful the Campaign is going and if changes have to be made.

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