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Designing and developing mobile applications is much different from traditional desktop development, you have to take all the individual device specifics much more into account, as almost any generic feature requires special programming to access. We provide both development for Android and iOS devices, as we think it is important to include as many users as possible, especially since the mobile market is so vast and diverse.


In the past we have worked on multiple projects which featured integration of several hardware Components such as the Camera and GPS functionality, to make the respective app as user friendly as possible and to create an authentic native experience without the use of a lot of server technology.

Limited server use for better performance

Limited server use can greatly increase the performance of the app, since server requests have to be sent individually and their speed depends greatly on the capabilities of the mobile device and the connection speed.


We create a robust and stable serverless backend which provides the backbone for this architecture. Only a limited number of requests have to be sent and a lot of the data manipulation is already completed before it even reaches the device, meaning the app can focus on display and functionality without processing intensive background tasks.

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