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PenTribe International GmbH
Strategy and Architecture
Softwarepark 37
4232 Hagenberg, Austria

Phone: +43 (0)660 / 1565585
Fax: +43 (0)720/920374

Registration Number: FN 380168x
Court of Juristiction: Regional Court Linz
Value-added Tax Identification Number (VAT-ID) : ATU67280514

PenTribe International GmbH is a member of the Austrian Economic Chamber, branch: Information+Consulting, specialist group Corporate Consulting and Informationtechnology.

Business purpose::
Trade lisence:
Corporate consulting including corporate management

Horst Baumgartner, * 26.9.1965.

Fundamental purpose of print media
Information about offers and activities relating to PenTribe International GmbH including all offers displayed in webshops.

Privacy notice:
PenTribe International GmbH doesn't store customer data, except those which are legally mandated to prove business activity (deliveries and invoices pertaining to PenTribe International GmbH and their customers, including webshop notices and invoices). After the mandated legal retention period at the corporate headquarters (Austria), this data will also be terminated.

Customer data that serves as reference or for advertisement purposen will only be used after a written aggreement with the respecitve customer and their explicit consent and can be recalled at any time following imediate termination of the data.
All customer data are kept in confidentiality. PenTribe International GmbH collects customer and sales data through completed sales via the webshop. Apart from this automatically colected information, PenTribe International GmbH doesn't traffic in customer data.
Exceptions are made for requests issued by Austrian authorities, whom under Austrian law one is obligated to relay data to.
To improve our services and performance, we collect and store data about website traffic as well as countries and regions of origin, this data is anonymous and cannot be traced to specific customers.

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