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making cities more efficient for everyone

A brand new, unique and standardized urban experience that will be your best friend in your city and abroad, by providing an efficient and sustainable digital experience. Get closer to all digital services that you need in any city for a more efficient experience. We believe that hielonCity is more than just a mobile application, we believe it can be a complete environment-friendly ecosystem of citizens, travels, cities and businesses.

PenTribe Infotainment Systems

versatile solutions for hotels and simmilar establishments

Touch-screen solutions for innovative and userfriendly presentations and info-screens. Event calenders, webcams, weather forecasts, hiking routes and more can all be displayed and interactively accessed via our customisable modules. Alternatively they can alos be set to automatically display continuous presentations if left idle, or be set to display advertisements or service sugestions. Adaptable to any situation and context, PenTribe infotainment systems offer a wide range of adaptable usage scenarios.


the only app you need for your e-car

Driving long distances with e-cars can be quite a pain. Do I have enough power to get to my destination? Will there be a station where I can recharge? All4Charging aims to eliminate these questions and more by providing an advanced routeplanner, incorporating weight, available stations, weather conditions, road topology and much more for the most accurate power consumption profile. E-cars have never been more viable.