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Market Analysis and intelligent market insights achieved by advanced big data analysis and results management

Market analysis & insight - your ideal base for online marketing

Whatever you plan to market or to sell, you need a solid base of market investigation of your target market. PenTAI market services cover international markets as well as your market in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Create or optimize your market opportunities with PenTAI and save a lot of online marketing time and cost!


To do that, we provide three types of intelligent market insights:

  • PenTAI Basic
  • PenTAI Standard
  • PenTAI Advanced

These reporting-tools provide you with different levels of information about market-opportunities. Further, it estimates your marketing online-power related to your competitors.

In its most advanced configuration, it provides you with forecast how successful your market presence will be. It even let's you optimize your communication before you enter the market.

Beyond this, you can use the market reports for a steady observation of the dynamics in your target market. Use it to benchmark your performance against your competitors and use it to learn from the market leaders.

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