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Online Communication Services, optimized IT-Services
Online Communication Services, optimized IT-Services

About PenTribe International

Understanding their current businesses, markets, competitors and opportunities, we advise our clients how to down their IT-cost with newest technologies and how to get best results in online-communication for products and services.

PenTribe International GmbH is an independent consultancy advicing you in improvements or transition to digitalization of your company. We provide first Class Online-Communication principles for your product and service presence. For internal process cost improvement, we provide independent consultancy advicing IT architecture design, optimization of IT Services and definition of strategic targets.

We provide independent sourcing services of applicable solutions and providers. Most businesses share the same questions for planning their future . We provide the concepts for a total new insight that changes IT expenses at low risk. Working with our sustainable architecture framework , we offer our clients efficient, simple, cost-saving and clear architectures. We use re-applicable design-patterns on architecture level. We provide feasible cost-plans and help to compare it to the status quo and to considerable alternatives.

To gain a jump-off basis for drilling down decisions quickly, our clients profit from our concepts online. We appreciate our customers from all businesses in the world to come back, sharing their experiences and submitting further wishes. Typically our concepts will save you days to weeks of work. We love to help you shake off cost and to reduce the resources of IT in order to contribute to a new business efficiency.
Founded in 2011, PenTribe International is headquartered in Hagenberg, Austria and kindly services you online all over the world.

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